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Harmeet SahotA (FOUNDER)

Straight out of University, I started my career in the classroom as an ICT/Computing Teacher in 2004, spending 17 successful years in the same school. Before becoming a Senior Leader in 2010, I studied an MA in Inclusive Education which confirmed my passion for Curriculum and Wellbeing. With my EdTech background, the combination of all three has really shaped the educator I am today.

Between 2010 - 2012, as a school we were able to offer 1 day a week courses (motor mechanics, hairdressing and construction) to students. All of the courses had been extremely successful boasting a 100% pass rate for all participants, including the highlight of a student at risk of exclusion securing an apprenticeship with Ferrari. 

Unfortunately, these courses were removed as the Ebacc was introduced. Subsequently, when I was the Key Stage 4 Curriculum Lead it was extremely difficult to find suitable alternative options for students who were struggling with mainstream curriculum. Furthermore, I was faced with moral dilemmas such as:

  • not allowing students to drop subjects - for example students who has a strong dislike for the subject and did not have the aptitude were being made to study a language (due to the Ebacc)
  • not allowing students to study Art and Textiles as separate subjects because the school would not get any value added recognition due to having the same discount code.

Over the years, hours and hours were spent researching government and exam board websites to find the information I was looking for. When talking to a colleague, we often said to enable us to make informed strategic decisions, we needed all curriculum information in one place

Becoming a Google Certified Trainer enabled me to go part time as a Senior Leader in 2018, allowing me to become an EdTech consultant, supporting schools in the UK and abroad with Digital Strategy. I was fortunate to be accepted on the #LON19 Google Innovator Academy where I was given the confidence to start to make Curriculum Wide a reality. In 2021 following a difficult year with lockdown, I took the leap of faith to leave the classroom and help schools create a Curriculum that is fit for purpose for every child as well as becoming a Headteacher of a Secondary School in 2022.

Why is our message important

With the pressure to achieve on school performance tables, effective alternate routes for students are sometimes overlooked. Statistics show that the number of student NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training), fixed term and permanent exclusions are unfortunately a rising trend.

  • The number of 16-18 NEETs recorded in Dec 2019 was 7.5% (133,000) rising from 6.2% (111,000) in Dec 2017
  • The number of fixed period exclusions has risen to 438300 (2018/19) from 239,240 (2014/15)
  • The number of permanent exclusions has risen to 7,894 (2018/19) from 4,785 (2014/15)

I always found searching for courses and key information about them unnecessarily cumbersome. Curriculum Wide has allowed me to easily find exciting new courses for some of my learners, who are now still enrolled in school and happily undertaking a fisheries course 1 day a week.


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