Is Curriculum Wide free?All schools can access a free 30 day trial (no credit card information is required) . Curriculum Wide offers fair, affordable monthly and annual price plans, with the option to can cancel at anytime. To take advantage of one our plans visit our upgrade page.
HOW DO I REGISTER?When you visit www.curriculumwide.co.uk you will be prompted to sign in or register. You should register with your school details. Watch this video for guidance on how to register. Upon registering your school will get access to a free 30 day trial (no credit card information is required).
HOW DO I ADD A COURSE?To add a course click on Account > Manage Courses > Manage Courses. Watch this video for guidance on how to add a course.
HOW DO YOU USE THE KEYWORD SEARCH?You can search for any keyword that is in the title of the course. This video shows 3 examples of how to use a keyword search and what information it generates.
THE SYSTEM WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO SIGN UP FOR A FREE TRIALYou can only get one free trial per school. If your school has already had a free trial, please get in contact with us.
HOW DO I ASSIGN LICENSES TO STAFF IN MY SCHOOL?Licenses can only be applied by the staff administrator. Watch this video video to for guidance on how to add a license.
Can you search for courses that can be delivered internationally?This is a feature that we hope to introduce soon.
How do I know which category to find certain courses? You can find out which courses are associated with a particular subject area here.
CAN I SEARCH LEVEL 4 COURSESNo currently level 4 and 5 courses do not appear in search results, please contact us if this is a feature you are interested in.
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