There are so many benefits to using Curriculum Wide, here's a few that we have highlighted.
  • Save time by accessing information collated by Curriculum Wide from numerous sites (Ofqual, DfE and exam boards)
  • Get specific course information (spec, discount code, pass rates, entries, plus much more) all in one place
  • Find courses that count towards Key Stage 4 performance tables
  • Tailor your curriculum to meet the needs of individual students
  • Tailor your curriculum to meet the needs of cohorts
  • Support the reduction of student NEETs
  • Support the reduction of exclusions
  • Support students with exam anxiety by finding courses assessed by 100% controlled assessment
  • Run an alternate curriculum, find courses of student interest to keep learners engaged
  • Increase the breadth of the courses you run

  • Analyse course popularity (number of entries nationally)
  • Find the most successful courses in relation to pass rates (only courses accredited in Key stage 4 performance tables)
  • Save searches (for futures reference)
  • Check courses do not have the same discount code
  • Gain insights into course ratings by scrutinising teacher reviews
  • Compare courses side by side with our comparison tool (coming soon)
  • Gain expertise from schools delivering courses that you are running / considering running
  • Coordinate your own CPD with teachers outside of your school

If you would like more information about how Curriculum Wide can benefit you, get in touch with us.

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